Running wasn’t always a big part of Mallory Maclellan’s life. After many years of watching her father run and compete in marathons by himself, Mallory decided to join him one day in 2011. What she didn’t realize at the time was that her first run was the beginning of a burgeoning love for running.¬†Over the last seven years, Mallory has trained and run together with her father. Mallory has competed in a number of races across North America in cities like Ottawa and Chicago.

Mallory Maclellan loves running competitively but also enjoys going for a run just for fun. During the winter months, Mallory can typically be found running at the gym. Otherwise, she’s running outside her neighborhood four or five days a week. She finds that running is the best stress reliever and knows firsthand how great it can feel to hit her stride and feel that rush of endorphins as she pushes herself and her body to become faster.

Professionally, Mallory Maclellan has been living Edmonton, Alberta working as a Unit Claims Manager. When not busy with work or training for her next race, Mallory loves to travel. Her list of places visited is extensive and includes places such as England, Scotland, France, Spain, and more. Mallory’s favorite part of visiting somewhere new is that she gets to see everything on foot. Wanting to soak in the new experiences around her, Mallory chooses to do what she loves best during a visit: run.